Have you felt the need to have a view from above while keeping your feet on the ground? We support the sale of the complete DJI product line.  We keep in stock the full line of Phantom 3’s, Phantom 4, and Inspire 1 as well as a variety of accessories and parts for them.  These models include professional grade cameras and live HD view back to the controller. DJI is on the leading edge of consumer UAV’s since 2006!


How do I turn my UAV into a tool to help my farm become more efficient?  You can use a NIR camera to take crop health images and quicktile them in AgVault to make an informed decision at the field edge. We offer Sentera NIR cameras that are mounted onto the DJI UAV of your choice.  Then using the AgVault app you can quickly fly your field, load the data into the AgVault software on your computer.  This gives you the ability to capture crop health (NDVI) image of your field at the perfect times throughout the season.

  • Controller calibration
  • Documentation setup
  • Apex setup
  • JDLink website administration/support
  • JDLink training clinic
  • Rate controller/Dry controller setup
  • AMS training sessions
  • Service ADVISOR Remote
  • Diagnostic trouble code checks
  • Alert monitoring
  • Remote Display access through JDLink
  • Software upgrades
  • JDLink setup and administration
  • Data analysis
  • Prescription map creation
  • Transfer data
  • Data cleanup
  • Mapping of field boundaries
  • Map base seeding and fertilizer
  • Prescriptions for dry fertilizer, manure application and seeding
  • Print data

This is just a short list of solutions provided by Phelps Implement that we have to offer for value added services. Ask our Integrated Solutions Department for more details.

Integrated Solutions Department


Satellite Tool

Stellar Support

Software Updates

Our Integrated Solutions products are superior. Let our experienced team help you discover the best technology for your operation. Click on the links above for tools on Phelps Implement RTK coverage, Satellite prediction for your location, AMS products, and AMS updates.

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Integrated Solutions Manager

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Integrated Solutions Consultant

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Integrated Solutions Consultant

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Integrated Solutions Consultant

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Integrated Solutions Consultant / CCA

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JDLink Administrative Consultant / CCA